Remote freelancer. A web and mobile application enginner.
Traveling around the world based on East Asia.
I'm looking forward to your job offers from all over the world!

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Update history

  1. Write Atcoder ABC007 C - Breath first search
  2. Write Atcoder ARC037 B - Baum test
  3. Write Atcoder ARC031 B - Landfill
  4. Write Atcoder ATC001 A - Depth first search
  5. Write Atcoder ABC002 D - Faction
  6. Write Atcoder ARC029 A - Mr. Takahashi and meat
  7. Write Atcoder ABC104 C - All Green
  8. My Own Worksheet and add a link to it.
  9. Add update history to top page.


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